Wuthering High School.

Yup, you read that correctly. A modern high school adaptation of Wuthering Heights was made by Lifetime. My computer keeps autocorrecting to “Withering” which is super annoying and going to drive me nuts while I type this.

Admission time- I’ve never read the whole book of Wuthering Heights. I know the deal with Catherine and Heathcliff and their amazing love that ends up making them embittered old people. It just isn’t Jane Austen I guess and never held my attention (much like Jane Eyre, which seems like something I’d love and I do own as well). With this one I haven’t tried to read it since I was 16 so maybe I should revisit.

Wuthering High School

This version is centered around a rich family in Malibu. Okay, when you google this many sites seem to imply that Twilight stole elements of Wuthering Heights as well? Is that true? Someone who loves Twilight (TERESA) please chime in here.


It opens with a girl in a prep school outfit laying on the ground narrating things about her mom dying. “Even though she’s gone… I was the ghost.” Very 90s teen angsty Winona Ryder attempt here but the girl can barely speak words.

The font for the opening credits is TERRIBLE. It looks like planks of wood or something up close (the photo does not do it justice).


Holy crap, James Caan is in this! What bet did he lose?

If you look up the director on imdb he’s made a handful of low budget horror movies and this. In case you were wondering.

Now we see a boy who is pissed and slamming locker doors and pulling out spray paint while she narrates about parents wanting to keep us safe but nobody is safe for long. Not from all of that spray paint- how frightening!

She tells us that her dad is some famous fashion designer and you probably wear his clothes. Is he supposed to be like Tommy Hilfiger with those rich brat kids?

Cathy, the narrator, goes to a party full of girls in bikinis and they’re all “no sluts allowed” and she says “since when” but with no hint of the irony that the line begs for.


She’s just there looking for her brother but they call her a boyfriend stealing whore so that’s probably exposition.

She finds Lee (her brother) and he’s some grunge throwback who might be cracked out so you know he’s bad news too (why is he at this party? At a pool party in black hoody and jeans- sounds like a blast for this 30 year old man).


One of the bikini girls throws a drink at her head and is all “it’s not like this is the first time you’ve ever been wet.” Ummmmm, gross. Is that a burn?

Cathy just falls backwards, fully clothed into the pool while narrator says she’s a freak now.

The bad seed with the spray paint is spray painting “I QUIT” on the mirror at work because he’s so tough man, he doesn’t even tell supervisors that he can’t work there anymore. No way, that’s for squares!


Cathy and her brother have the cops behind them but he’s all “whatever, our family is rich!” and keeps on driving and when he does finally stop for the cop he actually yells at the cop for bothering him. The cop doesn’t apologize, to his credit.

Cathy wears her mom’s ring around her neck and she touches it while narrating about how she has no one and longs for someone to talk to. We see the troubled kid in an overlay so that’s pretty clear- he’s going to be the one she can talk to!

Her brother is frantically looking for a watch that mom left him (probably to sell for drugs) and she’s all “you’ve been selling a lot of stuff lately” so he yells at her to get outta there.

In the hallway we learn that she found her mom after she shot herself so that’s rough but it’s all in very melodramatic teenager voiceover.

Good lord, this movie is 95% narration. “I used to have lots of people to sit with but now I feel trapped with people who hate me.” Blah blah blah, this narration is the worst.


Something that is bugging me- their school uniforms are blue shirt, blue plaid tie and blue plaid skirt (in a different plaid) but then BLACK KNEE SOCKS with two white stripes around the top. Those socks make no fucking sense. I’m losing it over these stupid socks right now. Firstly, they don’t match at all and secondly they’re really just tube socks and not knee socks. Details like that make me so mad.

Cathy hangs out doing charcoal drawings that we’re supposed to think are dark and cool but they don’t show them so we’ll never know.


Some dude named Eddie (like Edgar in the book) walks in and is all “whoa, those are cool” so let’s just assume she’s great at art. Eddie likes her and says she’s known since 6th grade but he’s so wooden that I forgot he was talking. This dude has the personality of a slice of bread. He also was right there next to the girl in the bikini who threw a drink on her head but says “oh, she’s over it I think.” Sure Eddie.

A teacher comes in and shits all over Cathy and says “look what being an Earnshaw did to your brother… and your mother.” Wow! Mocking her mom’s recent suicide! Another teacher overhears and calls him out for being a shitty person but he doesn’t care.

In class Cathy is doodling and the blonde says that her boyfriend got herpes from her so I think Eddie is right, she’s totally over it!

Cathy narrates that she did something stupid with Ellen’s boyfriend which is surprising since it’s only been brought up in every scene pretty much so far. Eddie, who cannot read a room, invites her to some weird masked party they’re throwing and Ellen is all “ew, no, don’t invite her” right in front of her face.

Lee just grunts and calls her a bitch and she calls him a drugged out loser but how are they together? Does he pick her up at school? He’s definitely 30. God, he’s a terrible actor too, he just snaps gum and looks annoyed at all times. James Caan is their dad and makes Cathy take her mom’s ring off because he wants it back.


He must be thrilled to be surrounded by the worst actors Canada has to offer.

They walk in and that troubled kid is on the couch- Heath (see, Heath is such a cool, modern version of the name Heathcliff. This movie is killing it.) and Lee is all “WHO ARE YOU?!?” as if this kid on their couch just broke in or something. The dad says they used to play with him and Cathy remembers him. His mom was their maid and has been deported so they’ve taken Heath in.


He’s so bad that he has this hideous neck tattoo of a bunch of words. He doesn’t remember Cathy and stomps off and argues with their dad about how he needs to earn money for his mom. This may seem obvious but then why quit your job in such a douchey manor just 10 minutes ago?

At dinner Cathy hears Heath upstairs and realizes he’s staying in the room her mom killed herself in. Not creepy at all.

She takes something up to him and he yells at her for being annoying because everyone in this movie has extreme emotions and yells and nothing else. She thought they were friends and he says that she hated being seen with the help when she was a kid.

They stand on the stairs in the dark with the worst lighting. Holy crap.


My camera kept trying to adjust for lights that were not there.

He suddenly remembers her and says they used to go to the pantry when they wanted to be alone as kids but he yells it like he’s still annoyed. She’s all “that’s not all we’d do” and just like that we cut to them hardcore making out.

^^ the socks are still killing me^^

10 years ago they were like 6/7 so I hope they weren’t doing that in the pantry back then. Ew.

Even while making out she narrates a lot. Then she stops making out with him to tell him about her mom’s death and the effect it’s had on her mental health. Then they jump right back into kissing because she knows how to set a mood.

That was a freaking whirlwind of 3 minutes.


They wake up and this is actually a laundry room with a washer and dryer from 1984 in it. The maid starts to come in and is all confused when Cathy shuts the window. Heath has jumped out the window though so the maid looks even more confused.


There is all this artwork on the dining table at breakfast and James Caan is all “you did these?” to Heath and he’s surprised that he doesn’t recognize his own daughter’s art. He’s all “wha??” because he didn’t know his daughter drew at all. He’s impressed.

In the car on the way to school Cathy is doing one of these masterpieces on her thigh and Lee IS driving so maybe he’s been held back like 12 times?


Heath asks if she’d draw something for him and Lee is all “have you two boned yet?” That came out of nowhere. Heath taps his hand so he drops the beer (?) he’s drinking on the way to school and Lee just stops the car, pulls Heath out of the car and beats the shit out of him for a while. Heath says that Lee’s dad hates him and he drives off and abandons them under an overpass.

Cathy is all “why did you do that?? He’s an addict!” but then laughs. The emotions in every scene are all over the place.


They kind of stand around so the director can get cooler shots with the graffiti for a few minutes and then Eddie and his sister / girlfriend (?) drives up and is all “what are you guys doing??” Eddie’s vague lady is very worried that Heath’s face is all bloody and she makes it clear immediately that she has a thing for Heath.

Eddie, being racist, thinks that Heath beat up Cathy despite her not being injured at all but she explains that Lee is the maniac. At school Heath skates off because man, he’s SO BAD. Eddie tells Cathy that her dad is nuts to let this guy live with them because he’s dangerous.

The girl with Eddie chases after Heath because she wants him to see the nurse. Ellen texts her “I see you picked up some trash on the side of the road.” How could she possibly know that already? She glares at Ellen and doesn’t write back.

Cathy thinks Eddie is a snob who doesn’t want them at his weird masked party but he says she knows he wants her there. HER. She hears “them” though.


In the bathroom Ellen confronts the brown haired girl and is all “why are you ignoring me??” and brown haired girl says that it’s not up to her who can be in their group and that Cathy’s mom died so they should be nicer to her. Ellen immediately softens and is all “okay!” See what I mean about the emotional imbalance in every scene?

In class Heath and Cathy are cuddling up and ignoring the lecture on (IRONY) teen pregnancy and instead doodling right over the pages in their book so I guess they’re an old couple now. The teacher comes over to chastise them and the drawing is of him and it says “virgin for life” on it.


Another of Cathy’s masterpieces.

The teacher gives them both detention and goes to rip the drawing out of her book but she grabs the page and just rips every page out of her book instead. It’s this long scene where she jumps up on the desk and everyone is ripping the pages out of their texts books while some stupid song plays.

^^ Don’t even get me started on what’s wrong with the socks in this scene ^^

What the shit just happened. Did I just hallucinate that?

It’s not only stupid and not a good scene it’s also very bratty and entitled. Heath is very supportive of it though- he’s such a great partner. For a bad kid who grew up poor he might be the most entitled- it’s impressive how he’s managed.

The teacher is actually walking them to the principal’s office himself when they just run out the door…


and onto the beach! They strip and run into the ocean. No one else is there. They make out in a cave in their underwear.


Then they’re at home and Lee is passed out with pills all over and they’re sneaking around his room looking for something. There is less narration now but wayyyyy too much montaging to shitty music.

They’re in a bad neighborhood where everything is blue. You can tell a neighborhood is bad because they don’t have white balancing there. (CAMERA HUMOR!)


They go inside some empty warehouse and everything is blue and everyone is doing drugs and dirty dancing. What?? Cathy says she’s never been to a party like this and Heath is all “when you look at me like that I’m your slave.” Then they rave dance while he says he always loved her. “When I’m with you I have to remind myself to breathe” is a good line but why is everyone at this party just staring at them now?


Does anything about their relationship make sense to anyone? It’s all completely baffling to me and he seems like the worst and she’s completely vanilla but all the guys are in love with her for some vague reason.

They get home and it’s the middle of the day still so that warehouse party must have been an afternoon rager. Lee waits for them outside to punch Heath in the face for stealing from him- what did he steal? I think pills but it’s unclear. James Caan comes outside and breaks up the fight and tells Lee that he’s 20 years old and to get “that crap off nose.” Okay, so we’re supposed to think Lee is 20 and just walks around with cocaine on his nose.

Cathy is in bed and her dad is all “what’s going on? School says you trashed the place and took off” and Cathy then says “all you care about is your stupid company, no wonder mom killed herself!” Ooooof.

She apologizes and tells her dad that she sees her mom’s exploded face everywhere and that he’s never around. She asks him to stop hating her but we haven’t seen him hate her yet in this movie so it comes out of nowhere. He grounds her for two weeks which is fair. If I pulled the shit she pulled in school I might still be grounded.

Now it’s Heath’s turn to be talked to. “First day of school and they’re talking suspension already.” He wants to know why Heath is so angry and we learn that today is his birthday and his mom has never missed it before. Cathy sneaks up and listens outside the door. Heath tells James Caan that Lee needs rehab and that he had a friend like Lee who died. James Caan says “I guarantee you he’s not driving anymore” so I guess he took his car away in the last 5 minutes?

He tells Heath that he can drive the Porsche then and are we already forgetting that Heath might have gotten suspended on the first day of school? Cathy points out that she got grounded but Heath got Lee’s car so he’s got charisma.

Cathy gives him a cupcake with a candle in it because she feels bad about his birthday and he reveals that he made up the birthday thing to work Lee out of his car. Man, he IS good. Qualities to look for in a boyfriend are probably not incredibly manipulative and angry but this girl thinks outside the box.

Heath wants to take off and her being grounded doesn’t seem to stop anything so they leave. They’re peeking over the fence at Eddie’s party. Is it just on a weekday afternoon as well? Is this the longest day ever?

For some reason Heath boosts her over the fence and it’s not even the fence on the party side of the house and two dogs run out and attack her. It’s so ridiculous. She faints from being bitten by a dog?


Heath jumps over but Eddie comes out to get the dogs off of her. Eddie tells him to leave because no one wants him there. Eddie’s sister (I’m pretty sure?) can’t believe Eddie still likes Cathy but he says she has light around her like a movie star. I assume that light is around her at other times than the times we’ve seen her in this movie.

They carry her inside because she’s still out. There are no wounds and no blood on her but they’re like “you need to go to the hospital.” Why? Eddie lies and says that they never saw Heath. She says she is grounded so she can’t go to the hospital. When you’re grounded you can go to masked balls in the afternoon but you can NOT go to the hospital- that’s just being grounded 101. Eddie’s sister offers to let her borrow a dress so she can attend the party.


She’s so injured that they think she has to go to the hospital but healthy enough to just join the party? MAKE UP YOUR MIND MOVIE.

Heath is trying to go in the front door but Eddie’s dad is the racist who taught Eddie everything he knows. Dad thinks he’s a greaser trying to start a rumpus and he tries to throw him out. Eddie walks up in his lame tux and is all “get this guy outta here” like he’s a powerful person but Cathy walks up in the ugliest dress and says then she’ll leave too so he lets Heath in.


Heath wants to leave and is pissed that she changed into party clothes while he was worried that she was really hurt (fair!) and she says that Eddie said he left. Then she begs him to stay with this giant lie: “these are nice people.”

Heath immediately dumps her and leaves town and goes back to Mexico to live with his mom. THE END.

JUST KIDDING! They stay at this stupid party and it’s finally night time. Ellen actually comes up to be nice to them and also her boob is about to fall out of her dress.


One of Heath’s neck tattoos is a really light sketch of Marilyn Monroe’s face.

Eddie’s sister chats up Heath about missing his old school and stuff. She is trying to seduce him because the movie is trying to convince us that he’s interesting and likable. Eddie walks up and is all “we do have bathrooms, you could clean up if you wanted” because he thinks Heath is just always dirty. Heath grabs a tray of food and smashes it into Eddie chest and then says “IN HIS WHOLE LIFE HE COULDN’T LOVE YOU AS MUCH AS I DO IN ONE DAY!” and then runs out of there while Eddie says “he’ll never be one of us.” Another emotionally off kilter scene full of terrible acting.

Heath is somewhere stealing from a safe. Narration says that Heath is about to get scary and then Cathy says she’s afraid of him but why? Since when? I guess we just have to believe narration. Then that he punched a whole in the wall in the night at some point. Why is he so angry? Make up your own reasons because the movie is not going to fill in any of these blanks for you.

I want to pause here and say that I wish we’d get a scene of James Caan, world famous fashion designer, showing at fashion week or something. PLEASE GIVE ME THIS SCENE. Sketching something, dressing a model, please anything.

The school says that her dad is paying to replace all the books but they have to do some volunteer work and Heath is all “SCREW THIS!” and just grabs his skateboard to run out of there. Cathy says that he listens to her and that he’ll be at the dance to volunteer.

Heath is such a rebel that he hates volunteer work. Helping out the less fortunate? NO EFFING WAY! YOU CAN’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!

The principal sits in a comically oversized chair.

(she is half standing in that photo)

They talk and Cathy asks if he punched a hole in the wall and he says that he thought she dumped him. She says not to do that but to talk to her if something is wrong. She can’t imagine her world without him. Um, this is only his second day of school so seriously when did this great love story happen?

He follows her into study hall but she points out that he doesn’t have study hall this period and he’s all “so?” Has Heath ever gone to school? He doesn’t seem to know how it works. She reminds him that they promised her dad that they’d do better. He mopes off and just skateboards outside the study hall windows and apparently no teachers or anything give a shit.

Eddie never tires of hearing no so he asks Cathy to homecoming. She gets out of it by saying she’s working the dance so she can’t go.

Ellen is sitting there and apologizes for spreading all the rumors about Cathy and Cathy apologizes too. What rumors? What did Cathy do? Again, we’ll never know. They ask why Heath is just skateboarding outside and she says that he likes to be near her. I have a different theory- he’s a shitty narcissist who loves attention and wants everyone to watch him. I mean- look at this:


He’s doing handstands! No one just skates around doing handstands. Also, he has only landed like 2 tricks in this long scene. They ask if he’s nice and Cathy says “no… but neither am I.” EYE ROLL.

Cathy and Ellen come up to him after study hall and say they want to go shopping and for him to drive them. They tell brunette that her brother said she can’t come and she looks pissed.

She tells Eddie that he should let her hang out with whomever she wants and that she can help him get Cathy. Oh girl, no one can help him get Cathy.

Ellen is played by Clint Eastwood’s daughter. The one who married Jonah Hill’s brother and then got it annulled a few days later.

They’re out shopping and Ellen is joking about how dumb people are for believing the rumors she started anyway. It’s nice that all that vague stuff we were never told about is behind them. Cathy picks out a suit for Heath to wear to homecoming and he’s all “no.”

Heath says “she wants me to look like him” to Ellen and Ellen says “you’ll never look like Eddie, he looks like a Ken doll. You’re a lot scarier and… just more. Here’s the deal, she already likes you so lighten up with all this possessiveness, you don’t have to try so hard, just be yourself.” She is now the only likable person in this movie. I want more Ellen in every scene dropping truth bombs.

I also want to finally hear what Cathy effing did in the past that everyone was so mad about. And who is Ellen’s boyfriend? And why is Heath so awful? And why does their dad do so much for him and his mom? And where is Heath’s mom? And where has Lee been for the last few days? I could go on.

James Caan, for no reason, gives Cathy back her mom’s ring. END SCENE.


Cathy is in a dress for homecoming and Heath is just sitting on the couch in his jeans and she’s all “you’re not going to get dressed or even try to fit in?!!” By the end of the sentence she’s yelling. He says no way despite the last scene making a lot of sense.

James Caan tells her she looks really pretty and that every boy probably wants to take her to the dance. She says just Eddie and he says Eddie isn’t so bad. She leaves for the dance and he calls Heath over.

Some important things are missing from his safe and Heath lies that unfortunately he does. I assume he’s going to lie that Lee stole stuff but the scene just ends in the middle of his sentence.

At Homecoming Cathy is giving people punch when some girl we’ve never seen is all “if you ever want to talk…” and some guy we’ve never seen is all “YOU DUMB BITCH!” and attacks her while Eddie protects her. I don’t even know what’s happening anymore. This movie is terrible.

Ellen asks where “twilight” is. Hahahaha, Ellen is great. Heath shows up to surprise her in his suit and brunette is all “I played matchmaker and got her together with Eddie and now she’s done with me the way she’s done with you” and just like *that* Heath takes her hand and acts like he’s with her now. For all the crazy love shit they spew at each other they both seem to move on very quickly.


Female Eddie tells him that he’s not as bad as he thinks he is and that she’s not as good as he thinks she is- great line, nameless brunette.

Heath moves through the crowd in slow motion to stop Eddie from kissing Cathy and then punches him in the face and blood spurts everywhere. Will he be kicked out of school for this? Is anyone ever kicked out of this school?

The principal calls the police to report an assault. Don’t these richie rich prep schools usually keep the police out of their messes?

Heath is hiding in a bathroom stall when Cathy and Ellen walk in so that Cathy can clean Eddie’s blood off her cleavage. I’m not joking.


It won’t come out. Heath is spying on them while she talks about how Eddie is like Heaven and Heath is like Hell. None of this movie makes sense. It’s like they decided if everyone yelled things and talked about love then it would seem passionate and interesting. This relationship is more abusive than cute at this point.

Cathy is all “I can’t stop loving him, I never will because we have the same soul. We are the same. I am Heath.” Good lord, shut up. I’m sure that’s right out of the book but it is terrible coming out of these people’s mouths.

She is interrupted from this angsty monologue to be told that while the principal was yelling at her dad on the phone he had a heart attack.

Heath is on a pay phone somewhere in the day time finding out no one has seen his mom since she crossed the border last. He hits stuff.


Oh man, James Caan died. Just like that. The lawyer distributing the estate looks like a sweaty, drunk guy crammed into a suit.


He says that the estate was left to Cathy and Heath and that Lee has been disinherited. The lawyer somehow knows that Heath went to Mexico to find his mom. Lee doesn’t seem to care at all about any of this and just sits there.

Narration says that Heath is gone, she’s in love with Eddie on a beach now, and everyone else is dead or a ghost like her brother.


Now it’s her dad’s funeral so I assume that he died less than a week ago? She fell in love with Eddie two seconds ago while planning a funeral? Does everything in this movie go in fast forward?

Am I the only one concerned that Heath is also James Caan’s secret son since he changed his will and all? Is this a gross plot point of Wuthering Heights that I don’t know since I never read it?

At her dad’s funeral with like 12 people. I would think that a famous fashion designer would have more people at his funeral and that it wouldn’t just be Cathy’s high school friends but I guess I’d be wrong.


Over by a tree Cathy thinks she sees Heath skulking about.

They get home from the funeral and the maid has quit because she can’t take it anymore. They (Cathy, Eddie and Lee) are confused. They can’t get in because the key isn’t working.


Heath opens the door and is all “I got the locks changed, you’re on my property now. I fired the maid, I’m rich now.” He very smugly tells them they’re homeless now because he fooled their dad into giving him everything. Also, it WAS his birthday- he was honest with the dad but always lied to Cathy so he’s 18 now and inherited the estate.

Cathy asks about Lee’s rehab and he says he’s cut off now but he throws him some drugs and says he hopes he dies of an overdose. Are we supposed to be rooting for Heath and Cathy? Were we ever supposed to be? He’s unredeemable in every way.

Cathy screams and cries while Eddie says he’s sick of her caring about Heath. Eddie, please recognize that some crazy shit just happened right in front of your emotionless face.

Cathy is using a marker to scratch out a drawing of Heath on her Keds. It must really be over now! Ellen says she can stay with her as long as she likes. Cathy says she needs to go see Heath and Ellen is afraid to see what he’ll do to her (that’s a sign of a great love) and she says she’s afraid of what he’ll do if she doesn’t see him.


They go to Cathy’s house and it’s full of Mexicans having a pool party where he built rinky dink skate ramps into the pool and ladies in bikinis walk around. Narration says that he was putting on a show for her to see but again I just think this guy is a narcissist. I mean, he has a throne for pete’s sake!


Eddie’s sister is all over him and really? In this party full of hot ladies in bikinis we’re supposed to think he’s dating this sophomore? She’s as manipulative as him so I guess they might be perfect for each other. She comes over and tells them to leave and that Heath loves her now or he will once Cathy lets him. They wrestle.

Eddie takes her to the beach cave but it’s very boring this time since Eddie is such a snooze. Cathy says that she’s sorry but she can’t lie to him, he deserves better. Eddie- “friendzoned, that’s what I get for being nice!!” SHUT UP, MOVIE, YOU’RE THE WORST.

She says that she’s not so great so he’ll be fine without her. Finally someone is pointing out that she is no prize. He agrees and says she uses people and that she and Heath are made for each other. Heath has snuck into the cave and agrees. She runs away.


He stops her on the beach and tells her some nonsense about how he’s always loved her and this relationship is so abusive that it’s sickening. Is this true to the book or just a way to teach teenage viewers terrible things? She says that she loves him but she never wants to see him again and that he broke her heart. Heath – “you broke your own heart.” How sweet.

This must be a green screen, right?


She walks into the ocean and kills herself to get away from him.

After commercial he has somehow found her in the ocean and is trying to revive her.


Suddenly Eddie walks up (where has he been this whole time?) and is all “WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER?!?” and Heath yells at him to leave them alone. Eddie, call an ambulance. Instead, Eddie picks up a rock and smashes it over Heath’s head.


He lives but Cathy dies and Heath doesn’t even go to the funeral.

Eddie’s stupid sister goes to Cathy’s funeral which seems in poor taste considering that she tried to claw her eyes out on the day she died. Eddie’s sister says that Heath loved Cathy so much that he should be here “like a faithful dog.” Um, was he that faithful when he was banging you, nameless brunette?

We find out Heath has been in jail, that’s why he’s not at the funeral. Is abusing someone until they commit suicide a crime yet?

He runs to the cemetery but it’s closed so he can’t get in. He goes back on a very rainy day because it’s moodier for a cool guy like him.

Oh good, he’s digging up her grave in the rain.


He digs it up very quickly and keeps telling the casket that he’s sorry and kissing it and then opens the casket and snuggles up to her dead body and kisses her a bunch.


It’s unsettling and I’m really angry. It’s either supposed to be a fantasy that is romantic or something he’s really doing and either way, fuck this movie.

This guy is the effing worst. He’s been abusive from day one, manipulative, emotionally unstable and a terrible person. He can’t even just let her dead body lie but he has to fill up her coffin with mud and rain and shit because he’s sad and feeling guilty now.


Romanticizing narcissists is something that fills me with rage. I’m actually angry right now. I keep yelling to Chris in the other room how furious I am (he bowed out of this one and listened to a Henry Rollins interview instead because he is smart).

I just read a long synopsis of Wuthering Heights and while Heathcliff does seem like a terrible person in it this movie took a lot of liberties and made no sense.


Oh dammit, the Brittany Murphy Story aired after this but I didn’t dvr it. I still haven’t seen that one.


The “kids” in this movie are all in their 20s and several reviewers point it out. One person on imdb thinks it should have been set in college instead and offers these ideas (the last two sentences are incredible):

“They should have had it begin with Cathy in college and made progress from there, after an opening with “Cathy” and “Heath” as young kids. A revision that works is having the novel’s older brother “Hindley” appear as a candidate for rehab, traveling in a van dubbed “Moor Side” (now, that’s clever). Interestingly, he is played by Errol Flynn’s grandson Sean Flynn (as Lee). Hollywood nepotism doubles up by likewise featuring Clint Eastwood’s daughter Francesca Eastwood (as Ellen). One of her party dresses is particularly outstanding. For thong bikinis, Heath’s final pool party scene can’t be beat.”

There you have it.


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