Kristin’s Christmas Past

Chadd and Carla came over to find a tv Christmas movie to watch before we pack up our tv for the move.

We’ve chosen Kristin’s Christmas Past starring Shiri Appleby from Roswell as a “smart, sassy 30 year old woman” (says the guide). Time travel and Christmas will be present. Rayanne from My So Called Life is in this so Chadd and Carla are psyched. A girl who may or may not have a show on the Disney Channel could also be in this (there is some debate as to whether this is the correct spelling of her name).

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A very special holiday post- Holiday in Handcuffs

This is an ABC family movie that I attempted to DVR but it was erased (as always, Time Warner). My friend Chadd told me that I must see it and then informed me that it’s on netflix instant. A Christmas miracle!

Firstly, the premise of this movie is just too good. “A struggling artist working as waitress kidnaps one of her customers to bring home and meet her parents at Christmas.”
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