Kristin’s Christmas Past

Chadd and Carla came over to find a tv Christmas movie to watch before we pack up our tv for the move.

We’ve chosen Kristin’s Christmas Past starring Shiri Appleby from Roswell as a “smart, sassy 30 year old woman” (says the guide). Time travel and Christmas will be present. Rayanne from My So Called Life is in this so Chadd and Carla are psyched. A girl who may or may not have a show on the Disney Channel could also be in this (there is some debate as to whether this is the correct spelling of her name).

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The Bride he Bought Online.

I’ve been meaning to do a Lifetime Movie for a while but I’ve been working two jobs so I had no time. And then Chris recorded every old basketball game ever so the DVR erased my movies. I found this one on demand so I’m going for it despite Teresa telling me it’s crazy. It’s happening. Then we get married next weekend. No big deal.

It starts off looking very scary with a car driving in an alley and the sounds of a lady struggling. Yeah, she’s taped up inside his trunk.


It’s filmed really weirdly with cars zooming in and then everything pausing while a narrator describes her hot, cool lady friends.





The narrator is named Avery and she’s the one who keeps these two in line, or so she claims.

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Petals on the Wind.

SOMEHOW I DIDN’T KNOW ABOUT THIS. Until a week or so ago, that is, when Kat sent me a text of the movie poster on some bus stop. Why didn’t they show a promo for this at the end of Flowers in the Attic? That’s so weird, Lifetime. Get it together.

I didn’t read this book at all but my friend Stephanie informs me that I’m in for a lot more effed up stuff and I can only believe it based on the batshit bananas first installment in the series.

Petals on the Wind!
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Hitched for the Holidays.

Hitched for the Holidays.


Don’t you just love the holidays? I love when Lifetime and ABC Family and Hallmark all start playing their holiday movies and half of them are about ladies who are frantically and horribly single but find love through the magic of Christmas. The other half are a hodge podge of crap about kids and families, bo-ring! I prefer to focus on the former.
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Tall Hot Blonde.

So much summer has been happening that I have gotten behind. Sorry for the long delay but I had to go to the beach. Thems the breaks.

Today brings a movie based on a true story of someone meeting someone online and then somehow murdering someone. The online user name is “talhotblond” which really bugs me. I would never message someone with that name. Even the network knows it because the title of the movie is “Tall Hot Blonde” in the Lifetime commercials (though not on the imdb.) That’s weird- why don’t they match?
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15 and Pregnant.

Very special movie day with Chadd and Carla. Chadd was such an instant convert to these movies that he started texting me to request future ones after just reading the blog a few times… HOOKED.

In his honor I dvred a classic that I saw years ago. “15 and Pregnant” starring a sixteen year old Kirsten Dunst with Park Overall as her mother. Kirsten Dunst chooses to play the part of a pregnant teenager with as much bitchiness as an early season Brenda Walsh. It’s fascinating- she’s the one who made the mistake… and she hisses at everyone else to shut up while she slams doors. I’m so excited to see this classic again.
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