I am a freelance television producer/writer who has an affinity for Lifetime Movies that has been going on since movies of the week when I was young. I also love Law and Order, milkshakes and long walks on the beach. Follow me on twitter @ crystalasaurus. Thanks for stopping by!


9 thoughts on “About

  1. I love how in your title image, it looks like the chick is ready to bite the dude’s finger right off.

    Hi; this is Alienamiss, from d-land. I’m adding you to my bloglist, again.

  2. I’m trying to find out the name of a LMN movie. Hope someone can help! I believe it starts in Canada. Boy saves pretty blonde girl from being attacked by boys. They fall in love move in & have a baby. He’s a contractor & starts working with a creepy guy who is obsessed with her. She’s an artist & creepy guy sets up a show in the old church for her to be discovered. Hubby takes baby halloweening & creepy guy shows up dressed like hubby, she’s very upset . because he’s creepy, she gets hubby to move them. Creepy guy follows and breaks in, she runs with baby. HIdes baby in a pile of wood . anyone remember this ?

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