A Christmas Detour. (Hallmark)

On Thanksgiving we spent most of the day watching amazing old episodes of 120 Minutes and cooking with friends but when those ran dry we returned the reliable Hallmark Christmas movies that started airing the day after Halloween this year. WHY?? Bring back my nightly Golden Girls and Frasier reruns, jeez. Anyway, I digress.

Candace Cameron Bure (which is pronounced BURRRRR-ay for those of you not in the know aka Kelly S at my Thanksgiving) is in half of them it seems like this year so it seemed only fitting to do one for the blog. And oh boy, is it a doozy.

A Christmas Detour!

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Open Marriage.

Open Marriage is a movie about a couple opening up their marriage and, you’re not going to believe this, it backfires. They seem to open it to include their best friends which, right off the bat, seems like a terrible idea. What could go wrong? Let’s find out!

^^^ All of these names sound like generic versions of actual people in movies^^^

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Holiday Switch.

It’s Christmas time!  Which means that there are Christmas movies on Lifetime (and Hallmark and Up and everything else) like 10 times a day.  So many Christmas stories about love and loss left to be told.  SO MANY.  So much Christmas magic ready to be made.

This movie is from 2007 and features Nicole Eggert (from Baywatch!) wondering if she should have married her husband or some other dude she dated in the past.  I’m guessing with the help of a little Christmas Magic (TM) she’ll be able to answer that question.  This movie is totally different than that Family Man movie starring Nicolas Cage with essentially the same plot, I’m sure.


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Lethal Seduction.

We moved into our place back in February and I recorded this movie in March. Whoops! Looks like I got pretty behind on updating. The guide says that this movie is about a mom who has to protect her son from a sexually aggressive older woman. Something tells me that the son in question is cool with the sexually aggressive part but there is something else mom has to protect him from. The poster is bananas.

Lethal Seduction

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Double Daddy.

I have been terrible about posting on the blog but I did move across the country and then have to find a new place and then find jobs and then a dog and other things and it’s taken a backseat unfortunately.  I found myself in Florida earlier this week and of course Double Daddy comes on tv when I’m totally not prepared with a computer or camera but I watched it and enjoyed it anyway.  Now I’m going to try and remember what happened in it for your enjoyment.  I’m taking photos from the internet so the quality/size will be all over the place.


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Kristin’s Christmas Past

Chadd and Carla came over to find a tv Christmas movie to watch before we pack up our tv for the move.

We’ve chosen Kristin’s Christmas Past starring Shiri Appleby from Roswell as a “smart, sassy 30 year old woman” (says the guide). Time travel and Christmas will be present. Rayanne from My So Called Life is in this so Chadd and Carla are psyched. A girl who may or may not have a show on the Disney Channel could also be in this (there is some debate as to whether this is the correct spelling of her name).

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